Intimate New Year’s Eve Concert – Concert intime de la veille du jour de l’an

Vous êtes cordialement invités à un concert méditatif à 18h la veille du jour de l’an près du metro Snowdon. L’entrée est gratuite le concert sera d’une durée d’environs une heure. C’est une belle façon de clore l’année et de débuter la prochaine! Il y a plus d’info ici.

We are offering a free concert at 6pm on New Year’s eve near the Snowdon Metro in Montreal. The concert will last about an hour. A lot of us feel it’s a neat way to close the year and start a new one to spend it meditating. Click here for more info.

Voici le groupe lors d’une tournée du mois d’octobre.
Here is the group on tour this past October.
Photo: Sepideh Shomali

Songs of the Soul : De retour au Canada! Back in Canada!

After very successful tours in the Pacific Northwest in 2016 (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle) and Eastern Canada in 2015 (Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal), the musicians and organizers of Songs of the Soul are coming back to Canada this October 2019.  After having already offered concerts in Hungary, Germany and California this year, here in Canada, concerts will take place in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto starting on October 14th.  As is the standard for this series of concerts, musicians from all over will converge to offer these free concerts to all who might resonate with this peace-filled music.  The performers will include Alap and Lukas (haunting Armenian duduk accomapanied by udu) from Switzerland, Paree’s Group (All-female Gregorian chant-style), Sangit Surabhi (vocal accompanied by guitar, violin and percussion) from Canada, Pavaka’s Group (vocal accompanied by bagpipe….excuse me, rather various guitars, flutes and sruti box) from Canada, Agnikana’s Group from Czech Republic and Mandu and Vishuddi (concert harp and Erhu) from Austria.   Tickets can easily be reserved online or by phone by calling the number for your city.  Ask us about free parking available for the Montreal concert about 500m from the concert hall.   There’s a good chance you can just show up and get a seat but it’s much better to reserve in advance and it doesn’t commit you to anything.  We hope to see you soon!

Après de très belles tournées dans l’ouest en 2016 (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle), et dans l’est canadien en 2015 (Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal), les musiciens et organizateurs de Songs of the Soul reviennent au Canada en octobre 2019!  Après avoir donné des concerts déjà cette année en Hongrie, Allemagne et Californie, ici au Canada les concerts auront lieu à Montréal, Ottawa, Kingston et Toronto à compté du 14 octobre.  Comme c’est l’habitude pour cette série de concerts, des musiciens de partout se rencontrent pour offrir ces concerts gratuits à tous ceux et celles qui se sentent attirés par une musique emplie de paix.  Les artistes vont inclure:  Alap et Lukas (Duduk arménien avec percussion sur udu) de la Suisse, Paree’s Group (choeur féminin dans le style du chant Grégorien), Sangit Surabhi (voix accompagnées de guitare, violon et percussion) du Canada, Pavaka and Friends (voix accompangées de cornemuse…euh, pardon, plutôt de guitares, flutes et sruti box) du Canada, Agnikana’s Group de la République Czech et Mandu et Vishuddi (harpe et erhu) de l’Autriche.  Les billets peuvent facilement être réservés sur internet on en appelant le numéro correspondant à votre ville.  Demandez-nous au sujet de stationnement gratuit pour le concert de Montréal à environs 500m de la salle de spectacle.  Vous pouvez probablement vous présenter le soir même et avoir une place mais c’est beaucoup mieux de réserver d’avance et ça ne vous engage à rien.  Au plaisir de se voir bientôt!

New Album by Sahadeva

Last year Sahadeva, Ashirvad and I worked on this album of songs by Sri Chinmoy arranged by Sahadeva. We got the physical CDs ready just in time for our tour of Czech Republic and Slovakia in November. Now it’s available wherever you get your music.  Just search for Sahadeva.  Whether it’s iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal or anywhere else.  Sahadeva studied music in London, England where he lives and has listened to a lot of Nat King Cole, Gregory Porter and others of that genre over the years. I feel this is a nice collection of prayerful, soulful and devotional arrangements. Ashirvad was our trusted engineer and mixer and the album was mastered by Benoit Morier. I added some voice, bass and guitar. The recording was done in London, Montreal and New York. Have a listen and if you have a minute for a review, it would be much appreciated!  Physical CDs are available by contacting Sahadeva or I or on (which is also a good place to download the album). We hope you like it! 


Brazil 2018 Music Video

This is a music video filmed and edited by Natabara with sound recorded and mixed by Ashirvad from a Songs of the Soul concert tour in Brazil in July 2018.  This is a live performance of the song Dao Dao Ananda by Sri Chinmoy performed by Hiyamallar, Kanala, Miguel, Natabara, Parichayaka and Pavaka.  Thanks for watching!


Mongolia Report and a Tribute to Miigaa

After the concert tour in Mongolia a few of us spent some days visiting this fascinating country.  Our local friends took it upon themselves to take a few days off work and show us around.  It was a great way to see a country that really is beautiful.  We took an SUV trip through the steppes that included some camel and horse riding plus tasting various fermented dairy products, not least of which was the national drink of Airag or fermented horse milk, as we liked to call it.  Our tour even coincided with the Mongolian National holiday which meant we were treated to extra displays of Mongolian Wrestling, Archery, Horse Riding and local music.

During this tour three of us were shooting short videos with our phones and this became the source for the music video (below) that our intrepid soundman and travelling companion Ashirvad put together.  The audio is a live recording from the concert in Erdenet which was also mixed by Ashirvad and features Nelson from Monk Party on vocal and riqq plus myself on vocal and guitar.  The pale face travelling trio was headed by Homagni who enthusiastically shot and set up some of the footage in the video.

The very last part of the adventure was a road trip into the Gobi desert with it’s vastness and understated beauty.  The highlight was meeting a family of camel herders who invited us to spend an evening with them.  We met them quite by chance on the way to a nearby scenic area.  We played some music for them, ate with them and pitched our tents in their “yard” which was just desert as far as the eye could see.

Miigaa and friends after our music tour and adventures in the Gobi Desert. Miigaa is on the far left

During the concert tour we had an international band of brothers including folks from New Zealand, Austria, Canada and Mongolia.  One of our Mongolian singers was Miigaa.  Tragically, Miigaa passed away just a few weeks after the tour due to a cancer that he was unaware of.  He had come in to our first rehearsal quite shy are reserved.  By the end of the tour he was smiling broadly and absolutely beaming from the experience.  There was a solid language barrier between he and us non-Mongolian speakers, but we really felt the joy and affection by the end.  He was still a young man.  Miigaa showed great generosity, hospitality and eagerness showing us around his country.  May he be in peace.






Live recording from Songs of the Soul in Perth, Australia

Here are live recordings from our November 13th Songs of the Soul concert in Perth, Australia.  The concert had such a positive response in Perth that a matinee performance was added the same day as our evening concert.  The first song is With The Tears of My Eyes written by Sri Chinmoy and arranged by Pavaka.  The second track is a medley of songs also written by Sri Chinmoy and arranged by Sahadeva.

The Sahadeva Ensemble - Live in Auckland, NZ. Photo by Projjwal.
The Sahadeva Ensemble – Live in Auckland, NZ. Photo by Projjwal.


Both tracks are performed by The Sahadeva Ensemble composed of the following  members:

Budhsamudra (New Zealand): vocal

Christian (Austria): vocal

Golapendu (USA): vocal

Karteek (Scotland): violin, vocal

Medur (Canada): vocal

Nelson (New Zealand): percussion, vocal  (half of Monk Party)

Papaha (USA): vocal

Pavaka (Canada): bass, vocal

Pragunya (New Zealand): guitar, vocal  (the other half of Monk Party)

Sahadeva (UK): piano, vocal

Shout out to Jagadhata who sang with this group at the Christchurch concert and to Ashirvad, our stalwart live sound man and the person who mixed this recording.

The concert also featured Mandu and Visuddhi (Austria), Shamita and Toshala (Austria and New Zealand), Paree’s International Group, Alap (Switzerland), Heart of Joy (Austria) and Monk Party (New Zealand).

Montreal Poetry Festival

On Thursday June 2nd a small version of our music group had the honor of providing some music for a poetry reading to celebrate the International Day of Happiness in the context of the Festival de la Poésie de Montréal.  Four local poets read poems by themselves as well as other poets featured in the anthology called Happiness – The Delight Tree.  Our esteemed guests were Michel Pleau, Jacques Ouellet, Hélène Lépine (who read for Jean Desy), and Dominique Gaucher (who read for Nora Atalla).  Two of the editors of the anthology traveled from New York to host the event.  Thank you Bhikshuni Weisbrot and Elizabeth Lara from the United Nations Society of Writers for coming to Montréal!  Merci aux poètes qui ont créé une atmosphère vraiment spéciale et unique.  L’agencement entre les poèmes et la musique était remarquablement sans faille.  Belles vibrations!




Concert in Ottawa on February 28th at 3pm

The next concert will take place at Freiman Hall in the University of Ottawa on Sunday February 28th at 3pm.  This free concert will feature Sangit Surabhi and the Pavaka Ensemble.  Free music for meditation.  No prior experience necessary.   Turn up, tune in, bliss out…. or however that goes…

The Freiman hall is a cool little amphitheatre mostly used for U of O student recitals.  Intimate with great acoustics.

Freiman Hall

610 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON K1N 1A2

This concert is organized as part of a series of free meditation classes:

FREE Meditation Classes in Ottawa

For more info on either the concert or the classes: 613 232 2387

Sangit Surabhi
Sangit Surabhi

Pavaka Ensemble