Available at CDBaby.com

Pavaka Performs The Melodies of Sri Chinmoy Vol.2Vol. 2 is now available for online sales at www.CDbaby.com.? You can click the link to your right to check it out.?? Let me know what you think.? Write a review if you have a second.? It all helps,? I mean provided it?s a good review, of course :-) More to come as the album becomes available in other places.? Like once it?s up on iTunes, for instance.

I recently did a Radio-Canada interview for the new album.? You can listen here in French.? I?ll try to post a transcription here in the coming days.? Interview lasted 10 minutes and they played Eso Ma Durga.

Otherwise I?m gearing up for a stay in Austria with stints in neighbouring countries next week.? I?ll be gone for a while and will hopefully find time to use this here forum to post news about the trip.

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