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On Sunday May 2nd, Dan Behrman started off his Musique du Monde (World Music) show by playing the Ami Habo Parichayaka remix which is the last track on the latest CD.? This is a nationally broadcast french-language show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s network.? Following the track, Mr. Behrman had this to say (translated of course):

“It’s the montreal group Pavaka that made us take off with their cover of a composition by Sri Chinmoy titled Ami Habo which is an excerpt from an album dedicated to Sri Chinmoy who was a philosopher and great master of a meditation technique that still has numerous enthusiasts around the world and who was also the author of musical works which inspired this album from Pavaka which includes 13 of these songs and instrumentals intended for people to feel better listening to them.? Which is in fact the reason we started our flight tonight on our virtual magic carpet.”

This is the second time that this track was featured on this show.

Pavaka on CBC ? Parichayaka Remix

[audio:http://www.pavaka.com/wp-content/uploads/Dan-Behrman-2-mai.mp3|titles=Dan Behrman 2 mai]

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