Free Concerts in Ottawa and Montreal featuring group from the UK

The next concerts in the Songs of the Soul concert series will take place in Ottawa on October 5th and Montreal October 7th. These concerts are free of charge, but we ask that you reserve your seats in advance. Both concerts will feature Sangit Surabhi, The Pavaka Ensemble as well as The Sahadeva Orchestra. Sahadeva hails from London England and will lead an English-Canadian group to perform his soulful arrangements of Sri Chinmoy‘s music. Sahadeva’s arrangements are charactarized by jazz, R&B and gospel styles and these performances have been delighting audiences at Songs of the Soul concerts for the past 4 years.? Sahadeva is also keyboardist and vocalist for the group Ananda.

The concert in Ottawa on October 5th will take place at 7pm the Centertown United Church at 507 Bank Street. Call 613 680 5727 for information or to reserve your seats.

In Montreal on October 7th, it will take place at 7pm at the Tanna Schulich Hall of McGill University located at 527 Sherbrook Street West. Call 514 387 5814 or 514 489 5692 for info and reservations.


This is the song Roar, Roar My Lion Heart, from the live recording CD entitled “Call Has Come”:

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