Japan 2011

The real blog is yet to come, but in the meantime you can check out pics by Jaitra at Flickr or the Songs of the Soul website.

You can also check out this article in the Japan Times by clicking here.? This article preceded the concerts.


I hate to make promises I don’t keep.? Here is a little blog on the Japan trip, through the filter of time….? So we are now in November and the tour was in June.? Japan is such a cool place.? For the world’s second largest (or is it third now?) economy and clearly a leader in the world’s capitalist majority, I was surprised and impressed by how much it has maintained it’s very distinct culture and society.

This is a famous place of which I forget the name - blog faster Danielsan!

Concerts took place in Tokyo, Kamakura and Kyoto.? My favorite was Kyoto, mostly because by then I had my equipment working correctly.? The organizers had rented a really nice fender tube amp (Deville, I think), so my telecaster sounded great. ? The only glitch was that the amp was right next to me on stage with a mic on it.? That mic was also close to my pedals, so each time I clicked an effect pedal we would get a huge clunk in the monitors.? It was funny more than disrupting (at least I hope).? I was using a looping pedal, an analog delay, a tremolo with an e-bow at times.? Gadgetfullness like this went over well in Japan.

The touring gang’s primary hobby on this tour was trying weird drinks.? Here is Homagni doing his very own commercial:

Buy this super happy fun drink
Buy this super happy fun drink










Of course no trip to Japan is complete without spending one night in pod hotel.??? Looked like the place was designed by someone at Apple.? It was cool for the novelty, but traditional hotels are pretty good too.

My 'room"
My 'room'

So thank you Japan for a great time and hopefully there will be more.

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