New album out now!

Twelve years after Vol. 2 was released, Vol. 3 has come online at last! It certainly took too long between releases, but better late than never! The collection of songs largely came into being by putting together performances for the Songs of the Soul concert series over the last 10 years.

This album was produced by Parichayaka and features Christian, Nelson, Alap, Miguel and Yasen (among others) on things like vocals, duduk, violin and kaval. For my part, I kept myself out of trouble these recent years by experimenting with various ambient guitar effects and that has largely become the basis for the album. I think it’s neat that only the song Everest Aspiration has analogue synth. Anything else that sounds like it might be synth is actually guitar. I make use of Ebow, Plus Pedal and heavy reverbs to create various sounds. Two of the tracks even have reverse guitar parts. See if you can spot them 🙂

Physical CDs will be available soon so get in contact and we’ll work something out. In the meantime, The Melodies of Sri Chinmoy, Vol. 3 is available online wherever you get your music! Thank you!!

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