Nice and Salzburg

Just got back from a short visit to the south of France.? The legendary French Riviera really is lovely.? I had the good fortune to be able to play a little music for about 100 people gathered for a week-end meditation retreat.? I got a group together with Czech, Slovak, Austrian and Irish boys in attendance.? We played under the stars in the evening.?? Fortunately Sadanand, our percussionist, got his hands on a set of tablas at the last minute, thereby avoiding his having to play the pots we had in our kitchen (which actually sounded pretty good during the rehearsal).

A corner of the store where I spend my days
A corner of the store where I spend my days

Next week I?m off to St-Petersburg for a few days.? Hope to see the Hermitage museum and play a little music also.?? By the way, If you want to go to Russia, you have to have your visa issued in your country of residence.? I had some adventures in that respect and if anyone can benefit from my complications, so much the better.

Otherwise I?m basing myself in Salzburg.? It really is a charming city that lends itself well to an artistic disposition.? So much of the city is small pedestrian streets.? It?s like stereotypical European charm; almost like it?s a caricature of itself for a North American such as myself.? I wouldn?t be that surprised if one day I turn a corner and come face to face with Julie Andrews.? In fact I do come face to face with Mozart frequently as his picture is ubiquitously present throughout the city.? Salzburgers have definitely cashed in on their favorite son.? And why shouldn?t they.? As a great composer once told me: Mozart wasn?t a composer. He was a channel (for divine music).

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