Panorama Cafe Fall Festival

In what I understand was a first, the Panorama Caf? hosted a Fall Festival this past week which featured various performances every night of the week (except Wednesday).? I was only able to attend the Saturday evening event (which happened to feature the Pavaka Ensemble), but I understand it was a success and will be repeated – and not just for the fall.? Vidura and I drove down from Montreal on a beautifully clear full-moon night and drove back up amidst the lovely fall colors that is upstate New York and the Adirondacks at this time of year.? Special thanks to Vrishaketu for his vocal work, Parichayaka for harmonium and percussion and Ketan for inviting us.? Also, thanks to Jaitra for the pics and video.

Panorama Cafe
Some new pedals, some old pedals

On Oct 19th, there were a few short films that were screened including Ocean Monk by Sanjay Rawal which features Parichayaka’s music and even a snippet from my own Vol. 2.? Also screened was a film called Frozen City which is about my hometown of Winnipeg and it’s position atop the list of Slurpee’s consumed per capita.? I still haven’t decided what my shame to pride ratio is about this but it’s a well made short documentary that is at the very least amusing and which includes a scene from the stage at the bar called The Zoo where I played when I was long-haired young rocker with stars in my eyes….sometime in the early 1900’s.?? I don’t think the patrons at the Zoo would dig the current meditation-inspired repertoire.

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