Songs of the Soul ? Bratislava, Budapest, Gyor

We just finished our 4th concert of the tour here in Gyor, Hungary.? The Hungarians have been a fantastic crowd.? Budapest is to be noted as the biggest Songs of the Soul audience, estimated at 2000 people.? Security kept would-be concert goers away because of fire regulations.? It was a really fun concert with people hanging out in a mezzanine all around the convention-centre type of building.? There were no chairs up there so folks were standing, leaning against the wall, meditating cross legged or lying down.

Not a great photo but it shows what it was like in Budapest (pre-concert)
Not a great photo but it shows what it was like in Budapest (pre-concert)

The whole thing had a really great happening feeling about it.? Abhijit and I played our 2 songs as a duo like the every other night and the Gandharva Loka Orchestra ran out of material as the crowd kept asking for more.? Tonite in Gyor it was a similar situation for our 400 (ish) crowd.? Bratislava was a really slick performance on our part and the crowd was also very appreciative.? Japaka who was in his hometown came up for one song with me.? That was really fun.? I don’t have much in the way of pictures as I am always backstage.? Sorry!? Next stop:? Vienna for back to back concerts.

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  1. Great stuff Pavaka, wish I had been in Gyor to see the concert!

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