“Is it beyond thee to be glad with the gladness of this rythm?

to be tossed and lost and broken in the whirl of this fearful joy?

All things rush on, they stop not, they look not behind,

no power can hold them back, they rush on.

Keeping steps with that restless, rapid music, seasons

come dancing and pass away – colours, tunes, and perfumes

pour in endless cascades in the abounding joy that scatters

and gives up and dies every moment.”

?Rabindranath Tagore (1861 – 1941)
Excerpt from: Gitanjali

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  1. Exquisite poem! A very apt choice for a musical soul such as yourself!

    The poet W.B.Yeats wrote a profoundly moving introduction to Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’…here is a quote from it:

    ‘I have carried the manuscript of these translations about with me for days, reading it in railway trains, or on the top of omnibuses and in restaurants, and I have often had to close it lest some stranger would see how much it moved me. These lyrics– which are in the original, my Indians tell me, full of subtlety of rhythm, of untranslatable delicacies of colour, of metrical invention–display in their thought a world I have dreamed of all my life long.’

    You can read the full introduction here:



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